In AdelTrade we know the importance of news and how it can impact volatility therefore we implemented all major financial news outlets on our platform. You can sort them by your interest or read them all.

With AdelTrade we also offer an online chat forum for our community. As part of the general and random chat we added private group chats to each competition, so each player can communicate with other players, motivate them or have just some fun exchanging ideas with each other.

After you register for the competition you will receive a notification email for when it starts. All registrations will be closed 1h before the start and a notification will be sent again.

Once the competition starts you can trade any assets that are available from stocks, crypto, commodities, ETF’s to forex. During that time your equity and balance will change depending on your trading strategy and that will decide the overall ranking of each user. The users with the best results are then proclaimed as the winners and receive rewards.

AdelTrade is an online competitive gaming platform that focuses on financial markets. A fun way to learn, win and earn, at your own pace. Anyone can join and participate in virtual “real-time” trading with other competitors.

Remember all trading is done with virtual funds so there is no risk of losing any of your hard-earned capital when joining any of our competitions! No risk, all the benefits!

Hey gamers and traders, did you enjoy our first competition? Here comes already our volume 2, an exclusive pre-launch contest open for free to anybody who would like to test its trading skills and try to win our fantastic 100$ prize without taking any risk!

So, who will be our next Wolf of Wall Street and AdelTrade champion? Only one way to find out: download the app and register now for this free competition vol.2, standing from 17th to 31st of May.

Already certain to win? Why won’t you make the competition more exciting and gather yourself new rivals by sharing this contest opportunity with your network?

Join us now:

Hey gamers and traders, here comes our first competition open to the public, an exclusive pre-launch contest specially designed for those who would like to win a real cash 100$ prize while having fun and improving their trading skills.

That will be an excellent occasion for you to test our app, help us improve our gaming platform, and try to win some real money in the meantime. Sounds like a good deal, huh?

Rules of engagement are simple: competition is open for free only to the 30 first gamers to download the app, create their AdelTrade account and share their in-app nickname in the comments below. All gamers start with virtual $10,000; no capital is at risk as no real money is used!

The competition starts on the 3rd of May at 9:00 (CEST), don’t be late! Register now:


We are an online gaming platform where anyone can trade risk-free their investment strategies in the financial and cryptocurrency markets to win prizes.

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