AdelTrade, how to play the markets, learn and win prizes

3 min readJun 20, 2020


Have you ever tried investing in financial markets? Enrolled in a trading course that claims to teach you how to become profitable? And then got burned?

Well, now we have a solution for this: AdelTrade!!!

AdelTrade is a gaming platform, where you can trade risk-free. The markets remain the same however your investments are safe. You don’t have to invest thousands to try the best trading strategy and risk your funds on the market. Instead, you can enroll with AdelTrade for a small fee, receive virtual money and if you are amongst the top 3 players you win the prize!

It operates like a tournament, where users sign in and receive equal virtual balance, let’s say $10.000. Once the tournament starts you can test your strategies on multiple markets. You can trade stocks, ETF’s, commodities, forex and cryptocurrencies. Choose any strategy you want, even test new ones and all without any risks. The top 3 with the highest equity at the end of the tournament win and receive prizes. It’s as simple as that, no risks and all the benefits!

The tournaments will have different lengths so traders can join based on their preferences. For example, if you are a long-term trader you can compete in a yearly tournament. Are you an intraday trader? No worries, just join one of the weekly tournaments. Mid-term trader? Compete in a tournament that lasts 6 months. We’ve got all traders covered!

But how do you manage to combine no risks and all the benefits of trading?

It’s easy, we offer real-time trading conditions on all financial markets, but the trading is done with virtual money, not fiat. As with a demo account, but here you compete for the prize. All you need to do is to join a tournament with an entry fee. Ah, there is an entry fee you ask? Well yes, this is where the rewards will be sent into the prize pool. For example, let’s say the entry fee for a weekly tournament is $10 and we have 1000 traders joining that tournament. This means the prize pool has about $10.000 in it, from this we deduct the payment processor fees and a small cut for improvements, but the majority stays in the prize pool so let’s round it up to 9k. Imagine if you paid $10 and won 1st place. You will get 50% of the prize pool, this is $5.000 and only from a $10 “investment” (the tournament entry fee). The person in 2nd place receives 25%, so from a $10 entry fee he/she wins $2.500 and the 3rd winner receives 15% of the prize pool funds, which in our case is $1.500 and all from a $10 entry fee! Don’t forget this is only from a weekly tournament, so if you are really good you can compete in as many tournaments as you like and if you end up in the top 3 you get rewarded.

Traders can always check their place on the leaderboards and compare results amongst themselves. We even have a chat room, where you can discuss trading ideas or talk with friends. Each tournament will have its own separate chat.

We will offer tournaments for crypto enthusiasts as well. You can pay the entry fee with crypto and play on the same terms as you do with fiat. Imagine paying 0.05 ETH on an entry fee and receiving 50 ETH for the 1st place. Surely this seems slightly better than risking your 50 ETH just to win 0.05 ETH or even losing everything outright in the real market?

With AdelTrade you have zero risk and all the rewards! Find out more at




We are an online gaming platform where anyone can trade risk-free their investment strategies in the financial and cryptocurrency markets to win prizes.