Trading interface guide

3 min readJul 2, 2021

The trading interface is similar to many trading platforms out there. We will describe in detail all functions below.

The chart takes the most space in our trading platform and is the most important for analysis. Here you can select visuals of your chart (bars, candle, line etc).

Searching for assets is simple, you can type the asset you would like to trade and if it’s available the chart for that specific asset will open.

You can also browse assets specified by the category like Crypto, Forex, Stock…

The trading overview will show you the name of the current asset you selected to analyze, available funds to trade, and current profit or loss.

Below, you will find the trading interface where you can open trades. You can choose from market orders or limit orders. We also implemented the stop loss and take profit functionality, so you can safeguard your account more easily. Once you’ve made your decision on the funds you plan to trade you just execute it with the button place order.

Portfolio in trading screen shows you all assets you own together with current value and profit or loss.

You can also close the trade instantly when pressing the x button.

For more comprehensive stats of your portfolio, you need to click on the portfolio tab.

There you can see how much you invested, the amount you hold, average price and current price. Profit/loss and how much is your asset worth now. You can also sell the asset by pressing the sell button.

Open orders can be viewed on the open orders tab or in the trading interface. There you will see all your limit orders together with your take profit or stop loss.

You can always edit the order by pressing the edit button or cancel the order with the x button.

History tab is where you can check all executed trades. You can check the profit/loss you generated. The history will also be visible to other users for transparency purposes. Those trades do not affect the future performance so they are visible to all.




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