Verifying your ETH address in AdelTrade portal

2 min readFeb 7, 2024

This tutorial with pictures will guide you on how to verify your wallets in our portal.
Log in to the AdelTrade portal at and click on your avatar picture. There you select “See Profile” and a new window will open.

Please scroll down to “Verified Addresses” and click on “Add new address”.

A new pop-up window will appear where you select your cryptocurrency (ADL, ETH or USDT), then please paste your crypto wallet address and in the box below your signed message string.

How to receive a Validation String?

Please go to and select MetaMask.

Once you log in with your MetaMask wallet you will need to type “Adel” and click on the “Sign Message” button.

After you will receive a Signature, please copy it and then paste it into our portal under “Validation String” and press “Save”.

That’s it, you have successfully verified your crypto wallet on our AdelTrade portal!




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